Awe and respect for nature has been significant in Japan since ancient times. In particular, the tree is considered to be a sacred place where gods and spirits dwell. Large trees that are hundreds of years-old are called goshinboku. These are guarded in shrines and worshipped. That’s how special trees are to the Japanese.

Japanese lacquerware is often dubbed “Japan” in English. The quality, beauty, and durability of Japanese lacquerware is top-class. Creating them takes extreme skill and patience. Some are repeatedly painted around 100 times and take years to complete. It has been said that the first lacquerware in Japan was created 10,000 years ago. Japanese lacquerware has played a central role in the lives of the Japanese since ancient times and is one of Japan’s most representative forms of art

Works made of wood lasting thousands of years shows the excellence of technology, the effects of lacquer, and just how much the Japanese cherish and protect trees.