Edo period Maki-e tray with general Tokugawa mark


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Producing areaJapan
PeriodEdo period (19C)
Size24cm×33.4cm, 4cm high
ConditionOne small chip on rim
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This is a wonderful maki-e work from the late Edo period during the final days of the Tokugawa shogunate, depicting the Aoi no Gomon, the crest of the clan. The Tokugawa family seems to have allowed close family members, centered around the Gosanke consisting of the Owari House of Tokugawa (62,000 koku), the Kishū House of Tokugawa (56,000 koku), and the Mito House of Tokugawa (35,000 koku), to use the crest. All of them slightly changed the design when using the crest. The degree of completeness of the wonderful maki-e work by the Tokugawa family can be used as a decoration or on special occasions. Either way, having a masterful and high-grade maki-e artwork is quite lofty.