Jin dynasty Ding ware cup with gold rim cover


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Area of productionChina
PeriodJin dynasty(1115-1234)
SizeDiam 6.8cm Height 3.6cm
BoxWood Box and silk box
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The outer gold rim is beautiful and dazzling, resembling a solar eclipse. It is a world-class masterpiece that conveys a tremendous sense of beauty. This is a Ding ware from the Jindynasty (1115-1234). The Jin dynasty refers to the northern half of mainland China under the rule of the about the northern half of Mainland China that existed at the same time as the Southern Song dynasty. The southern part during the same period is Southern Sung. Northern Song was occupied by the Jurchens during this period. Because the Ding ware is from the north, Northern Song becomes the Jin dynasty.

I personally think that the best Ding ware comes from the end of the Northern Song dynasty to the beginning of the Jin dynasty. The origins of ceramics in the Northern Song dynasty were all thin and sharp. After the techniques matured over a generation in the beginning of the Jin dynasty, the works matured into something with comfortable thickness and added richness. The study of glaze formulation also advanced, making works from this period more beautiful and graceful. In my opinion, ceramics were “born in the Northern Song and completed in the Southern Song and Jin dynasties.”