Muromachi period Holy general


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Area of productionJapan
PeriodMuromachi period(1336 - 1573)
SizeHeight 24.5cm without stand
ConditionLeft hand and half of right hand missing. Tiny holes on sole for fix the stand
BoxWood box and wood stand
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It is a wonderful protective deity from the Muromachi period (1336 – 1573) made from wood with a high degree of completion. The deity is a general that guards others, similar to how security police guard important figures. Many figures were protected, including Tathagata and Buddhist ascetics.

It is carved wonderfully overall, making it a nice product. It can be used as a decoration, its gentle expression will calm you, and you won’t get bored because it’s a magnificent piece. In addition, it’s a protective deity that will protect your home, so it comes with extremely good fortune.