Han dynasty pottery “ear” cup


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Area of productionChina
PeriodHan dynasty
Size13.5cm×10.2cm Height 4.1cm
ConditionSmall chips on the ear
Box Yes
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This is an impressive ceramic pottery from the Han period in China with a beautiful and fantastic silver-gray black with vermillion that leaves a strong and brilliant expression. Items of the same kind that are in great condition and are this big with vivid colors are rare. I haven’t seen such magnificent works of its kind on the market.

It’s hard to think that this was created around 2,000 years ago.The sharpness of its shape is stunning, making it a wonderful work. A sharp spatula was used to shape the soil to its limits.

It is a culmination of impressive technology at the time that increased water resistance by smoldering it to generate carbon and absorbing that into the soil. The vivid contrast of red and black is a gift from the ancient times that resonates with the heart.