Yuan Cizhou ware water jag


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Area of productionChina
PeriodJin-Yuan dynasty
Size16.5cm high, Mouth diam 16.2cm
Condition Excellent
Box Yes
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This is a wonderful Cizhou ware pot that was burned during the Jin and Yuan dynasties (1115-1368) in present-day Hebei, China. It appears that a tea instructor favored using this, and it appears that this pot, customized with lacquer, was used as a container for fresh water that was used to replenish the kettle and rinse bowls during the tea ceremony. Although this is most likely an excavated item, it has a very clean and glossy appearance, and has grown into a fresh and vibrant work. There are no leaks, so it can be used immediately.

Ample amounts of black glaze is used to make it waterproof.The iron painting illustrates three young vibrant birds with a very dynamic feeling. Wavy decorations are powerfully and effectively distributed in the shoulder and waist areas, giving thework an effective accent.

The shape of the main body is also a sharp design that makes you feel the very explosive energy, with a powerful shoulder stretched all at once from a large mouth showing spacious rich opening, waist is constricted at once and tightened. You can see the tense and dynamic feeling that was effective and the wonderful formative beauty full of generality. Even though it is such a small bottom, the place that is perfectly stable makes me feel a certain skill of the artisan.