Ming dynasty five colour dish


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Area of productionChina
PeriodMing dynasty
SizeDiam 21.2cm Height 4.5cm
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This is a very nice plate with overglaze decorations made in a jingdezhen kiln during the end of the Ming dynasty in China. The plate is extremely beautiful and is filled with luck, including a large peach, which symbolizes perennial youth and longevity, as well as auspicious clouds and reishi.
The colorful surface, the flawless and strong composition design, and the brush strokes are marveling. In addition, long plants with red flowers are drawn, making a strong accent when the plate is turned over.

The Chinese poem is by a poet from the Tang dynasty and reads, Around half of the large lawn is filled with moss. The flowers and trees of the peach are all gone, with only the wild grass remaining.