Ming dynasty five colour dish


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Area of productionChina
PeriodMing dynasty
SizeDiam13.9cm Height2.5cm
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This tenkei plate was made in a Jindezhen kiln during the Ming Dynasty in China. Though styles of this work often leave vast amounts of white space, the entire surface of this plate is covered in drawings. Features include a colorful sawtooth pattern on the edges, banana leaves sprouting from the earth, pine trees, dangling Fuji branches, ornamental plants of various colors, two individuals holding an umbrella, and clouds in the sky. Some of the most popular designs are drawn with precision. Though the structure and design are complicated, the product is drawn in a way that does not feel cramped at all, making it an excellent product. 

As you can see from the luxurious texture of the heirloom, the firing is exquisite, which makes the coloring of the glaze the highest quality as well. One thing worth mentioning is the brimmed shape of the plate, which is extremely rare.