Yoshido Gallery
Yoshido Gallery

>We (Yoshido group) have three galleries in Japan that deal art from various fields.

Kanpodo, the first gallery, was established in 1972 and specialises in Ryukyu antiques. It was the year the Okinawa Reversion Agreement took effect.

For forty-six years since then, we have been dealing the finest quality art, many of which are acquired by foreign and domestic museums and galleries. Kanpodo has been praised for its exceptional works in Ko-karatsu and Ryukyu antique.

The second gallery was opened in the Hanae Mori Building in Omotesando in 1992. Because the building was rebuilt, the gallery was moved to Minami Aoyama 4-chome, situated next to the Nezu Museum.

Yoshido Gallery, which specialises in Chinese Art, was opened in Mishuku in 2011. In the April 2017, the gallery moved toMinami Aoyama, next to Kanpodo.

The owner of the gallery studied at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) and was trained to be a connoisseur by handling art objects and learning from the chief curators of both the British Museum and the David Collection.

The owner often participates in auctions by Christie’s and Sotheby’s and observes showpieces of Chinese art in order to deepen his knowledge of Chinese Art.

We offer genuine works of art at a reasonable price so that our clients can have more opportunities to enjoy them.

Our gallery is a little cramped, but feel free to stop by.
We hope that we could share the unsurpassable beauty, tension, wit, cuteness, and pleasantness of Chinese Art with our clients.

Motomasa Yoshido